About The Aesthetic City

This is The Aesthetic City, a content platform created in August 2021 by Ruben Hanssen.

The Aesthetic City was originally intended to be a podcast. I started a Twitter account to promote the podcast at some point, which grew quite rapidly. After some delays, the first podcast was finally released on the 10th of March, 2022. Since then, many more episodes have been recorded and planned. This is only the beginning!

The platform consists of the podcast, this website and blog, our Twitter account, Instagram page , and a newsletter at Substack.  The Aesthetic City also has a YouTube account with educational content. The goal is to make more video content, as spreading the message can be done most effectively through high quality, long form content.

Support us

If you really like what The Aesthetic City is doing and want to support our mission, please consider becoming a patron. For now, this is purely a passion project, but I want to ultimately turn it into my full time job. With enough patrons, it will be possible to hire an editor to create even more content and to achieve even more impact in the real world.

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To foster the creation of beauty and true sustainability in architecture and urbanism through the advocacy for local, timeless, traditional and human-centered design principles and -traditions.

The Aesthetic City
How to change our built environment?

Impact through content

The Aesthetic City wants to make an impact on the public debate through educational content on YouTube, the Podcast, Twitter and potentially publications like books at some point. This 'bottom up' approach is meant to inspire and inform the general population, professionals, designers, leaders and policy makers alike. With access to inspiring conversations, clearly presented information and beautiful artwork, I hope to inspire enough people to make different choices so beauty gets a chance once more.