Build Your Own Architectural Uprising

Welcome fellow admirers of beautiful architecture! 

What is the Architectural uprising?

Arkitekturupproret, or Architecture Uprising, is a global movement advocating for the rebirth of timeless and beautiful architecture. Born out of a collective desire to rebel against monotonous modernist designs, this uprising is a community of passionate individuals, groups, and architects who aspire to create and uphold aesthetic, sustainable, and culturally resonant buildings. We connect national Uprising groups, providing resources to initiate your local movement. From Sweden to Iceland, Germany, USA, Poland Norway and Denmark etc, we’re pioneering a renaissance in architectural design. Arkitekturupproret is not just an uprising, it’s a vision to transform cities and redefine architectural norms globally. Join us and build your own movement!

Where can I find the uprising?

Click here to find links to all existing (national) Architecture Uprising groups on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Discord.

⚠️⚠️ IMPORTANT: before making an instagram account, consider building a group first on Discord or Facebook. Many instagram accounts start off well and then die; it is better to build a community, and then run an account with multiple people. 🌎 Join the International Discord Server here:

⬇️ Scroll down to find the downloadable files with instructions of how to set up your own architecture uprising movement.

👇🏼 First, please check if your country already has an Uprising group, click here. If there is one, do reach out! They might need help with creating images or running a community.

Links to all Uprising groups / pages / Instragram accounts

CLICK HERE – for a list of all the architectural uprising branches around the world

Downloadable files

Upproret – Build Your Own Architecture Uprising
Upproret – Build Your Own Architecture Uprising
Published: May 24, 2023

Upproret Logo file – Adobe Illustrator
Upproret Logo file – Adobe Illustrator